21 Jan 2008


Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day working on the projector. It was a beautiful day out, and thankfully not too hot.

Here you´ll see the projector stripped almost all the way. I have yet to remove the axles of the Continuos Drive Sprockets, and also finish the intensive paint removal. My latest guess is that it has, at least, 3 coats of paint applied in different times of its life. The latest one being the sloppiest.

I will try to start shopping around today for a auto body shop that will give it a nice paint job. Who better than the pros, huh? I could of course do it myself, but it would never come out that good.

This is the serial number of the projector, located on the operator side in the bottom.

This will be arbitrarily called the "Main Shaft" due to my (yet) lack of factory manual. Looks extremely complicated if you compare it to the rest of the machine.

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