25 Jan 2008


Framing knob: this is how it is supposed to look like.

...and this is one approach to trying to get it to look similar.

But I´m not very convinced with the results.


Fercava said...

For the tiny details try to use acrilic paint. That used in nini-models like toy cars. You can look for it at hobby shops... Regards and good luck

Andriu said...

Hello Fernando!
If you follow up on this issue, you´ll see that I have tried with acrillic paint. First I used some of the wrong stuff. Then I ended up buying the toy-car-type-stuff. If you see the last post on the framing knob, you´ll see that that is what I ended up using. Actually it looks very good! I need to apply a second coating still, but it is by far the best option.
Thankgs for the suggestion!