7 Jan 2008


These are the images, sad ones as you´ll see, of the once splendid theatre in downtown Asunción (Paraguay) that is soon to face extinction. This theatre shall remain anonymous to protect those who still work there.

Main electrical panel from the booth.

View from the booth of one of the two abandoned balconies of the auditotium.

This mess that so closely resembles a bowl of spaghetti is nothing but a feature, gathering dust in the stairway that leads to the booth.

Allegedly, the theatre receives between 5 to 7 patrons daily.

View of the sides of the screen.

Every transducer in the auditorium: 1 sub and 1 HF Horn.

It was here, on December 29th, 2007, that I acquired my very first 35mm projector.

The pool of dog pee and poo that "carpets" the floor of the booth.

SALVAGED from a pile of junk, the Ernemann III has been neglected until the point of being submerged in a pool of dog crap for, at least, a couple of decades.

Seats, endless piles of seats.

((Almost all) Pics courtesy of Rose)


Fercava said...

Woow!!! What an amazing auditorium!

I understand why is that mess with the seats. The patrons must to turn the body and the head in diferents ways trying to get the best sound from that speaker (Altec A7). May be the best way is with the "head over heels". Also the no tigthed screen for the image generates tired eyes.

That´s why the patrons break the seats!

Andriu said...

Don´t forget that it rains inside of the auditorium!