18 Feb 2008


I have come across (and purchased) a reel 3 of an unidentified feature.

In order to ascertain the name of the film, I have the following facts:

1) It is in black and white, printed in the Soviet Union in unknown stock, in what appers to be triacetate base. (see pictures).

2) It is spoken in Russian (in Mono) (and subtitled in Spanish because I bought it in Chile).

3) The Aspect Ratio seems to be Academy.

4) Plot: The drama takes place in occupied Germany post WWII. The main characters are Tedia Nofoldev and his girlfriend Olga. Reel 3 shows a banquet with an US Mayor (from Milwaukee, who used to be the US ambassador in Moscow) and a Soviet Mayor (from Smolensk).

5) The can (original) has no other information than it was distributed by Sovexportfilm.

Any and all pointers, no matter how small, will be greatly apreciated.

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