3 Jun 2008


Last Saturday (after spending 3 weeks on an install of a new 5-plex) I returned to my dealer (the same guy whole sold me the Cinemeccanica lamphouse and the Reyes Soundhead). I was to pickup the lensholder for my E-III.

This used lens holder was attached to an old E-II that has been out of work for a number of years. Removing the lensholder from the E-II was, apparently, too much of a struggle for my dealer, so, for a few peanuts more, I took home the entire thing.

I intend to use this E-II for spares for my E-III, since they are virtually the same.

As some of you know, the E-II came from the factory with an external shutter blade, that spinned in front of the lens mount. This particular one had been modified to take a barrel shutter behind the gate.

(This is what they used to look like)

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