13 Apr 2009

Last Saturday I got to live one of my dreams... (almost).

I got to watch "Vertigo" on the big screen. I say "almost" because it was only a crappy DVD being projected. My dream involves it being shown on 35mm... To watch the DTS-70mm print that blossomed after the Katz-Harris restoration back in 1996 would be more like a wet dream..... ;)

Anyway, the soiree took place in this gorgeous theatre in downtown Mendoza. The image, of course, sucked. Don`t worry! I asked the box-office dude before going in to watch it. It`s not that I´d realised that it was a DVD while sitting on this beautiful(ly uncomfortable) leather-bound seats. I decided it was worth the $8, despite the crude quality.

Counting down the days until I get to watch "Psycho" on the big screen... whenever that may be.

Some other time I´ll tell you about the time I projected a rather nice copy of "Dial M for Murder" myself, back on Xmas 1998. Until then...

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