21 Apr 2011

RESTORATION DATE (March 29th, 2011)

Trying to piece together this Reyes Soundhead from odd bits and pieces is not an easy process. As you can see, not all pieces come from the same sources, and hence, not all fit the way they should.

Funny detail about the assembly: the soundhead door has a nook tailor cut for the pipe that carries the solar cell wires, in the upper right corner of the glass window.

Conclusions: the pipe is in the right place, but of the incorrect length. There has to be more than one size of it, despite what the experts say.

That hand belongs to the person who stole that plate from a working booth (in the background). He knew that I was after one, and, without much consideration for his personal well being, he "got" me one. My debt of gratitude to this fellon and friend! ;)

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