13 Jul 2008


The pictures that follow show frames from several 70mm fragments that I have located recently. I don´t know if they belong to the same reel of a film or not. Sadly no head or tails, that is why I seek help identifying the name of the feature.

I have reason to believe that the following 2 fragments do not belong to the same film as the precious ones. I suspect that the man sitting on the left in the first example, and the one standing on the right in the second one, is none other than Anthony Quinn.

Any help will be greatly apreciated.


Skip Elsheimer said...

It looks like Laurence Olivier and Anthony Quinn.

Is it "Shoes of a Fisherman"?

Skip Elsheimer said...

The first fragment looks like David Janssen.

I can't say for sure that this is the film as I have never seen it.

Oddball Films said...
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Oddball Films said...

The actor sitting on the right is Oscar Werner. Skip is right, it is "Shoes of a Fisherman."