15 Jul 2008


Because of the location of the actor´s suit pocket (the one with the handkerchief), it was pointed out to me that the pictures were taken the wrong way around, which also means that the Mini Cooper has the steering wheel on the left, practically ruling out a British film. (Having symmetrical soundtracks on the film makes it harder to distinguish the "right" way around.) Assuming that is correct, the images should have been scanned this way around:

There seems to be multiple opinions as to the identity of the man in the suit. Some have said it might be Gig Young while others believe him to be David Janssen (which is possibly related to the identity of the fragments of mistery film #2).

The last 2 fragments have been identified as "The Shoes of the Fisherman" from 1968. In the first case, Anthony Quinn is sharing the frame with Oskar Werner, who played fraille David Telemond. In the second frame, standing at the left is Burt Kwuok (as Peng) and, as previously stated, Anthony Quinn (as Kiril Lakota).

All these information came from the scholars at AMIA-L. My immense gratitude to them.

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