12 Apr 2011


Here´s all the information I have of one 1,500ft long (approx) reel of film that I have recently purchased.
  • It is a #3 reel from a feature.
  • Black and white.
  • Dialogues are in Russian.
  • (Subtitled in Spanish)
  • Triacetate base.
  • Mono sound.
  • Stock seems to be Gevaert from Belgium, copied from Kodak stock (date code: 2 triangles, most likely 1941).
  • Label on the can reads Sovexportfilm, with no markings on it except for a "3" that I assume belongs to the reel # and a "Исп" which I assume is short for Испанский (Spanish), which leads me to believe that it was subtitled in the USSR.

"Vivíamos en la misma calle en Leningrado"
(We used to live on the same street in Leningrad)

"Pero en la guerra me persuadí..."
(But during the war, I was persuaded that...)

"A su salud, Mayor."
(To your health, Major)

Any and all help will be greatly apreciated.


DG jb said...

Hi Andriu,
nice film strips!
I'd like to use one of the filmstrips (as a frame filled with different film stills) for a book cover on film genres.
Could you please send me a quick note, whether thats ok with you or not.



Unknown said...

I'm from Russia. I'm soviet man. I think can help you with translation charge free if you want. Thanks. doghammer@mail.ru