24 Feb 2008


I´ll never forgive the Academy for not putting a shot of Alfred Hitchcock in it´s 80 year montage.

18 Feb 2008


I have come across (and purchased) a reel 3 of an unidentified feature.

In order to ascertain the name of the film, I have the following facts:

1) It is in black and white, printed in the Soviet Union in unknown stock, in what appers to be triacetate base. (see pictures).

2) It is spoken in Russian (in Mono) (and subtitled in Spanish because I bought it in Chile).

3) The Aspect Ratio seems to be Academy.

4) Plot: The drama takes place in occupied Germany post WWII. The main characters are Tedia Nofoldev and his girlfriend Olga. Reel 3 shows a banquet with an US Mayor (from Milwaukee, who used to be the US ambassador in Moscow) and a Soviet Mayor (from Smolensk).

5) The can (original) has no other information than it was distributed by Sovexportfilm.

Any and all pointers, no matter how small, will be greatly apreciated.

17 Feb 2008


If you look for the definition of Eco-Projector in the Websters Dictionary, alongside the explanation, you´ll find this picture:

Eco-Projector: Environmentally friendly projector.

Note the tiny Caterpillar dancing through the base of the projector. The downside of working in the garden.

All jokes aside, these are the latest pictures of the putting-back-together process.

9 Feb 2008


I wonder if body shop guys are the same the world over? This is not the first time I have one of them do some work for me. They have a bad case of deadline allergy! When I dropped the projector off on Monday at 9AM he said it was going to take 2 days. On Wednesday it wasn´t ready. Neither was it ready on Thursday, or Friday. Finally I picked it up today.

All complaints aside, it was worth the wait.

The Intermittent´s flywheel back cover.

The back cover itself.

...and that is my reflection on the back cover!

(Scroll all the way down to see how it looked like last Sunday.)

7 Feb 2008


In the following link, you´ll be able to find an interview that I gave for an argentine radio elaborating about Imax technology and my position as Service Parternship Program Technician.


(Oops, sorry, it´s in Spanish...)

6 Feb 2008


These are my last two acquisitions. Two black and white silent (double-perf) 16mm films. I bought them through way of Uruguay, but they are Argentine made and/or distributed.
They are:
Castle Films #776: Mighty Mouse in "Mouse of Tomorrow". 100ft. (Published between 1950 and 1953)
Walt Disney Cartoons: "The Country of the Fairies" 100ft.

I particularly liked the "Non-Flammable Film" sign on the side of the box!

4 Feb 2008


Yesterday wasn´t a very productive day due to sad news I received. However, here you can see the shutter blade and blade´s housing before and after the restoration process.

2 Feb 2008


This is more like it... even for a first coating!

1 Feb 2008



Finally here´s the projector stripped all the way. I got a decent quote from a car body shop, so I´ll go ahead next week and have it all painted black (no relation to the Rolling Stones intended).
For those of you who have just tuned in, a quick reminder of how it looked like on December, 30th.