23 Mar 2008

RESTORATION (Date 22-Mar-08)

This past Saturday was a very exciting day for this restoration effort. In between Easter Eggs, I went to downtown Buenos Aires to pick up a Lamphouse and a Pedestal. Another benefactor of this process, LFC, located this two machines for me and negotiated a decent price.

We got together in what was once the heart of the entertainment district, where we met a local tech, who is sitting on a gold mine in the shape of obsolete film exhibition equipment. Totally neglected, but with the power to shine again.

The pedestal ended up being a heavy and obtuse chunk of metal that didn´t appeal to me. Instead, I ended up exchanging it for a soundhead, which appeared to be an RCA, but ended up being a autoctonous José Reyes Soundhead.

The soudhead came together with a Westinghouse syncronous motor together with a drive train to transmit motion to the soundhead sprocket, to the projector and to the lower reel.

The Lamphouse I ended up buying is a Cinemeccanica Zenith 420. It was manufactured for carbon arc, was later adapted for a Xenon bulb and, after years of neglect, was ravaged for spares and any copper that could be sold off for a quick buck.

11 Mar 2008

RESTORATION (Date 11-Mar-08)

One of the things that made this awesome paint job look cheap, was how the letters and the serial # were covered in paint.

Step 1 was, of course, to remove the paint.

Step 2 is to figure out if to leave them bare metal or go with some color. Maybe devil red...?

6 Mar 2008


The other big benefactor of this restoration, Dave Ritchie, went into great pains to get the chrome parts of his Ernemann Imperator to shine. (You can read about Dave´s efforts, here.)

I don´t mind admitting that I am way too lazy to go to such extremes, so I just gave my parts a good scrapeing and sent them to be nickel-plated.

Today I got those parts back.

"Not all that shines, is gold"

4 Mar 2008


As it turned out, I already had the oil pump of the projector, I just did not know it. After a lot of legwork, and thanks to one of the two major benefactors of this restoration effort: Warren Smyth of New Zealand, I realised that that strange gear, inside of the lower sprocket casing, was in fact the oil pump! Go figure!

That little piece of pipe that´s sticking out beneath it is what connects the pump to the bat where the oil is collected.

As you can see, it is quasi-hard to suspect that the pump is hiding inside that casing once the cover is on!

1 Mar 2008


UP FOR SALE is this Castle Films Super8 Short:


NAME: Yesterday Lives Again
YEAR: Released between 1937-1967 and 1973-1977
FORMAT: Super8 Color
LENGTH: 200ft/60mts.

BASE: Estar
SOUND: Silent

Little or no scratching. Heavy Color Fade.

CONDITION OF BOX: Castle Film´s generic but Original.
Mint condition. See picture.

Price: USD 25,00+shipping and hadling
*I would be willing to trade it for another title.
**Shipping to the US $12.00

Dragonfly_films is a member of eBay (USA), Todocolección.com (Spain), Mercadolibre.com (Latin America). For transparency´s sake I will publish this film in the buyer´s choice of auction site. Interested parties, email me or leave a comment on this post.